Proper Configuration of Network Infrastructure!

Organizations make numerous investments in IT infrastructure, with one of the most significant being network infrastructure. Apart from the cost, the correct configuration of network infrastructure holds immense importance for the performance of other components of the IT infrastructure. In light of all these factors, every company struggles to find personnel capable of performing network discovery and reporting within its own structure.

What are the Advantages of Network Discovery and Reporting Services?

With Mayasoft's Network Discovery and Reporting service, our expert engineers conduct an analysis at your location or locations. They position the necessary devices correctly and complete the entire configuration for maximum performance with minimum cost.

Continuous Performance

Your network infrastructure operates with uninterrupted performance, just like the first day.


No additional costs arise due to the correct selection of products that will meet your needs in the coming years.

Operational Burden

The installation of the system is done in the most optimal way, eliminating the need for extra configurations or changes and relieving you of the operational burden.

Current Technologies

Mayasoft's broad team of expert engineers constantly follows and receives training on the latest technologies. This ensures that all infrastructure designs and consulting are done with the latest technologies.


What Value Does It Bring to Companies?

  • With an up-to-date infrastructure, you won't experience data loss or downtime. Nonexistent downtime ensures business continuity, and prevents reputation damage, customer loss, and labor waste, resulting in the growth of your company.
  • You will have an adequately established infrastructure aligned with international standards and best practices.
  • Thanks to the convenience and benefits brought by current technologies, you'll minimize your time and cost.
  • You can receive end-to-end support for all your systems from a single business partner. This results in time and cost savings, allowing you to focus on your core business.

How can we help you?

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