Who's on Your Network?

In today's world, companies structure their infrastructures based on specific performance metrics. This is done to accelerate internal processes, run necessary applications, and ensure business continuity. Achieving these goals requires taking security measures to ensure that the effort, time, and money invested attain sustainable value. From a security perspective, Network Access Control (NAC) offers a more comprehensive and robust solution compared to traditional NPS and Hotspot software. NAC can be used to verify the identity and security status of devices attempting to access the network and enforce controls such as antivirus software or up-to-date operating systems. This can help prevent unauthorized access, protect against malware and other threats, and ensure compliance with security policies.

What are the Advantages of NAC as a Service?

With Mayasoft's NAC as a Service, you gain not only authentication but also the ability to manage the security status of devices connecting to the network through automation. This allows you to have a network compliant with security policies while avoiding malicious software and other threats.

No Initial Investment Cost

You won't need to bear the initial investment cost while ensuring the security of devices connecting to your network.

Network Control

You enable various types of clients (PC, Mobile, IoT, etc.) to join the network in a controlled manner.

Cost Advantage

By obtaining this service as a service, you won't have to bear costs like annual license renewals.

Human Resource Cost

With the NAC service managed on your behalf, you'll save time while ensuring network security.


What Values Does It Bring to Companies?

  • Through NAC as a Service infrastructure, you'll have a secure network.
  • You won't need to write new rules and perform controls to keep your network secure; this frees up time for value-added tasks.
  • You'll have access to all kinds of reports and analyses regarding your systems. With this data, you can perform necessary updates when required.

How can we help you?

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