Ensure Business Continuity with 24/7 Monitored Systems

With the advancement of technology, various manufacturers have introduced new products to the market. The IT world continues to update its infrastructure without being indifferent to these developments. However, along with the advantages brought by these advancements, certain challenges are also observed. One of the main challenges is the difficulty of monitoring new products and existing infrastructure from a single interface.

What are the Advantages of Managed Monitoring?

With Managed Monitoring service, your entire infrastructure is monitored end-to-end, and in case of any issues, they are precisely identified, and notifications are sent through our engineering team's 24/7 service. Besides Managed Monitoring service, for our customers who have already obtained Managed services, quick interventions are made in case of any problems, leaving no room for data loss or business interruptions.

Operational Load

You get rid of the operational load caused by monitoring.

Uninterrupted 7x24 Management and Monitoring

Thanks to our 7x24 monitoring team, your entire system is always under observation.

Human Resource Cost

You save on the cost of the 7x24 team.

International Standards and Best Practices

You will have a monitored infrastructure in compliance with ITIL best practices.


What Values Does It Bring to Companies?

  • With Mayasoft's Managed Monitoring service, you can be sure that your existing infrastructure is operational.
  • Thanks to the monitoring infrastructure you will have, you will not experience data loss or interruptions. Non-existent interruptions ensure business continuity, and prevent damage to reputation, customer satisfaction, and productivity loss, contributing to your company's growth.
  • You won't experience time loss due to the workload created by the monitoring system and can focus on your value-added tasks.
  • You will have access to the most up-to-date reports and analyses regarding your systems. With this data, you can perform updates when necessary.

How can we help you?

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