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Free Yourself from Allocating Space for Data Centers and the Necessary Infrastructure Costs!

The rapid development of current technologies and the increasing pace of change often lead companies to struggle with keeping their infrastructures up to date. In cases where companies manage to keep up, growing infrastructures can lead to the need for more space, investments, and costs. At this point, many firms are opting for hosting services from data centers rather than housing their systems on their own premises. By doing so, they escape the expenses associated with data center infrastructure and benefit from a more professional service.

What are the Advantages of Co-Location - OneCloud?

With OneCloud's Co-Location Hosting Service, companies can host all their systems within OneCloud's data centers. This allows them to eliminate the need for infrastructure investments required for a data center. They can add new devices to the OneCloud infrastructure whenever needed without incurring additional investment costs. Additionally, OneCloud's data center is designed with the latest technologies, adhering to LEED PLATINUM environmental standards, high energy efficiency, and the highest level of availability standards, known as TIER IV. It stands as an exemplary data center facility with enhanced security measures.

Data Center Designed at TIER 3 Level
No Initial Investment Cost
Professional Infrastructure
Expert Team Support

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