Acquire the Right Solutions at Appropriate Prices with Licensing Solutions Consultancy!

Companies can have various departments as part of their business operations. Each department requires different applications and products to meet its specific needs. Ensuring data flow between departments, as well as placing the right products and keeping costs at an optimum level within IT departments, can prove challenging due to integration and performance issues. Simultaneously, IT departments are burdened with the task of positioning the necessary infrastructure for departments to function besides the applications used by the core operating departments, posing an inevitable workload.

What Are the Advantages of Licensing Solutions Consultancy?

Through Mayasoft's Licensing Solutions Consultancy, an organization ensures the correct licensing and positioning of infrastructure products and software used in its operations.

Cost Savings

Our skilled licensing experts recommend the most suitable product for your company's scale, preventing you from incurring unnecessary additional costs.


By selecting products that fit the infrastructure, we enable you to advance your operations without experiencing performance losses.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Through proper product selection and licensing, we ensure uninterrupted operation across all your departments.

Up-to-Date Technologies

With our expert and certified engineers, we provide you access to the latest technology at reasonable costs.


What Value Does It Bring to Companies?

  • With Licensing Solutions Consultancy, you can acquire the best products at the most appropriate prices without experiencing performance losses.
  • You won't have to bear the burden of unnecessary resource consumption and costs resulting from incorrect licensing.
  • Through up-to-date and uninterrupted applications, you avoid data loss and downtime. Non-existent downtime ensures business continuity and prevents loss of reputation, customers, and labor, ultimately benefiting your company's growth.
  • Through the ease brought by cutting-edge technologies, defined processes, and benefits, you minimize your time-related costs.

How can we help you?

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