Civil Merchandising leverages the power of the cloud with Azure.

Civil Merchandising, one of the leading names in Turkey in the field of baby and child shopping, is one of the exemplary institutions that carry out comprehensive projects for the cloud platform. We are proud to support the company, which has successfully implemented cloud integration from online sales to retail operations, according to their needs, as a business partner from the beginning to the end in its cloud journey.

Civil Retailing is a company established in Istanbul, Kartal Cevizli in 1996. The most important point that distinguishes the company, whose target audience is 0-14 age children's textile and other necessities, from its competitors, is their orientation to the market-style textile merchandising concept. Focusing on bringing quality products to its customers at affordable prices, Civil Retailing currently has a total sales area of ​​150 thousand square meters in Turkey alone, with a total of 70 stores, 65 of which are in the country. Civil, which has about 3000 employees, hosts about 650 brands. Providing services to its customers with more than 45 thousand products with the principle of "None in 0-14 Ages", Civil manages the story of moving to the cloud with a fiction that will cover the smart technologies offered by the cloud platform.

Strategic collaboration with Azure

Azure’u bundan üç yıl önce, bulut sistemle ilk entegreçalışmaları kapsamında kullanmaya başlayan kurum ilk etapta NAS (NetworkAttached Storage) cihazlarının replikasyonunu tutmak için 50 terabaytlık birkonteynır yapısını Azure’a taşımaya başladı. Bu andan itibaren başta yapay zekateknolojileri olmak üzere Azure’un sunduğu birçok hizmet ve özelliği deprojelendirmeye başladılar.

While the institution aims to achieve a vertical acceleration on Azure in 2019, it aims to use the implemented features more deeply in 2020. Currently, developments are being carried out on panels in different areas from container and webapp structures to virtualization.

Fast and full compliance with regulations with Azure

Sharing the details of Civil Mağazacılık's cloud journey, Civil Mağazacılık A.Ş. Information Technologies Manager Abdulaziz Akyol, "private cloud" in Turkey The general tendency to the concept of the concept is one, and one of the main reasons for this is due to data privacy issues such as the Personal Data Protection Law (KVKK) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). At this point, the institution that prefers Azure, believing that Microsoft will offer comprehensive solutions, states that the real cloud service should offer features without hosting.

Azure for different needs and different projects

The institution, which takes project-based action in Azure, makes its plans according to its needs by evaluating the added value provided by the services in Azure. Projects are taking their final form as Azure offers a very serious range here. Akyol summarizes the process as follows; It is concluded with the process.

Stating that they will go a long way with Azure, Akyol said that 30% of their strategic projects in Azure have been realized at the moment, they plan to use many services until the end of 2020, but they also come across many Azure services and features that they have included in the plan during the project design. He states that he is out. Civil has a busy and exciting agenda with services such as machine learning, virtual machine structures, hybrid cloud configuration, Azure maps.

her face projects going into the future

Stating that artificial intelligence and machine learning will provide great benefits in the sector they are in, Akyol has four modules in this field; Akyol states that they have a project and they are currently moving to data integration. Akyol stated that serious evaluations were made from the decisions made by artificial intelligence to central reports in Azure, and that they are currently on the verge of reporting, adding 3 modules in addition to the 4 modules they have completed. lü states that they will bring more life.

Ordering from the supplier in the textile industry, product; He states that there are many steps as logistics, such as receiving and sending to the store, and adds, “Here, there are order-taking processes, estimation processes, products' arrival at the center, these are in the center. Goods acceptance, reports received from stores and distribution to stores for a long period of about 15 stages. there is. We planned and finished structuring these stages entirely on artificial intelligence. This includes capacity planning and the like; We will continue with the model. Apart from the process that goes only from the supply to the store, now a product in the store will go to the store wing in areas such as retention time, shelf life, stocking and similar areas. We plan to develop more modules.”

Common denominator: Global actions, flexibility and trust

Another factor that crosses paths is Civil's efforts to gain a place in the global market and Microsoft's globality. The flexibility that Azure offers is also compatible with Civil's flexibility strategy. In addition to strategic parallelism, meeting global actions is another important factor. The location of one leg of the e-commerce pages abroad directly on Azure, the advantages provided here in the field of GDPR, the continuous development of Azure and its ability to be managed from anywhere are the other important factors behind this long-term business partnership.

With its structure that provides backup as a service from the field of artificial intelligence, Microsoft is strong; critical sales for Civil in terms of union. IT as interior It aims to offer a seamless, uninterrupted, reliable technology from operation to end-user. For Civil, which acquired it, meeting a good sale with a good system is one of the sine qua non. They state that the Azure projects they manage and plan today are built on this.

Microsoft provides end-to-end support while meeting everything from artificial intelligence to services, from web to mobile and software. This is exactly what Civil wants to use.

Civil Merchandising leverages the power of the cloud with Azure.

Fenerbahçe University Started Teaching with Advanced Technology Infrastructure.

Fenerbahce University became a public legal entity with the law published in the Official Gazette dated November 2016 and opened its doors in 2019. It was opened to its students in the 2020 Academic Year. Fenerbahce University, which constructs its information technology infrastructure from the ground up, claims to be a university where the global leaders of the future will be trained.

Young people who graduated from Fenerbahce University will make a difference and awareness as future professionals and entrepreneurs.

Fenerbahce University, which started its academic year at Ataşehir Campus, designed its information technology infrastructure needs in detail from end to end in collaboration with Mayasoft. He made the entire information systems infrastructure fully ready for the use of both the administrative staff and the students before the education started. The university preferred desktop virtualization technology for the computer infrastructure needed by administrative staff and student laboratories. The university has advanced with the solutions of the HPE and Aruba brands in its corporate infrastructure products. Artificial intelligence integrated solution of HPE as a data storage system; HPE Nimble product using in the project, the "Uuml;University"'s strength; An important step has been taken in having an infrastructure.

With Aruba technologies, all wireless access within the campus was securely provided. With Aruba's access point devices with Wi-Fi 6 support in the wireless access infrastructure, faster access and less delay are for every user. An immersive wireless networking experience is offered. In addition, the need for network infrastructure; Aruba technologies were also preferred in backbone and edge switch products, and an easy-to-manage system was created. Aruba ClearPass is the solution for securing all the infrastructure for users to access the system; used. Under all these titles, all infrastructure and system requirements were efficiently located and managed with Mayasoft, and the project was successfully established by competent engineering teams and the project was implemented.

Fenerbahce University, considering the future in the project it has done, desktop in infrastructure; By using virtualization technology, it enabled the computer and technology laboratories within the university to be managed much more efficiently and to create an uninterrupted educational environment. The systems installed in the project, in which VMware technologies are preferred, will be able to be expanded very easily for the future. Desktop the end of the virtualization project; HPthin client devices were preferred at points of interest, and efficiency and long-term use advantages were taken into account here as well.


Fenerbahçe University Started Teaching with Advanced Technology Infrastructure.


As Mayasoft, we manage the entire infrastructure and monitor 24/7 with the Managed Services we provide to Azersun Holding. At the same time, Mayasoft launched one of the largest Azure digital migration operations in Azerbaijan with Azersun. With its global expertise in Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Modern Work solutions, and as Microsoft's direct CSP partner, Mayasoft provided the analysis of project needs, creation of architectural designs, cost optimizations, project implementation, and operation of systems-related managed services during production.

Azersun CEO

Fenerbahce University

Thanks to our work with Mayasoft, we started to use Microsoft 365 technologies more effectively. At the moment, we have reached a level above our target with a compact solution. Thanks to Microsoft 365, our dependency on other products has decreased by 90%. Now we have peace of mind about security and compliance. Besides, knowing that Microsoft and Mayasoft are behind us makes it easier for us to focus on our own business.

System Manager Alişan Yıldırım
Fenerbahce University