Information Security Management System Policy

As a governing body of our organization, we, in consonance with the mission, vision, and policies ingrained within our Quality Management System, undertake the establishment of information technology infrastructure based on local and extensive area networks, alongside provisioning operational support and guidance services. In the pursuit of fulfilling the elevated technical knowledge and expertise requisites of enterprises and institutions, we respond to their intricate data processing needs through the methodology of outsourcing.

Information security embodies the preservation of confidentiality, integrity, and availability concerning information generated, prepared, and for which the company carries accountability toward stakeholders. These endeavors are mandated to ensure the safeguarding of information, while concurrently encompassing attributes such as precision, transparency, non-repudiation, and dependability.

The obligations binding our company in the domain of information security encompass the ensuing services:

The uninterrupted sustenance of IT services, emancipated from the influence of individuals, will be orchestrated within a corporate framework, encapsulated within the ambit and confines of the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Configuration of intricate network setups that necessitate a heightened acumen and experience will be orchestrated within the purview and boundaries of the ISMS.

Essential operational and technical support services requisite for upholding the perpetual operability of existent networks within institutions shall be imparted within the precincts and limitations of the ISMS.

Bestowing operatorship services for routine tasks within the realms of IT infrastructure, hardware, and software, accompanied by upholding data security, will ensue within the precincts and confines of the ISMS.

Our commitment to aid our patrons in the realization of elevated expectations, augmentation of IT capabilities, and the attainment of operational, procedural, and performance benchmarks, through the dissemination of technological advancements, will endure within the precincts and boundaries of the ISMS.

Within the scope and purview of the ISMS, the entirety of sensitive, commercial, and confidential information processed within the information technology systems we serve shall be acknowledged as sacrosanct to our clientele. Consequently, the acquisition thereof without the explicit knowledge or consent of our patrons, in alignment with the tenets of Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability, shall be precluded.

Contingent upon compliance with the ISMS's jurisdiction, the ISMS policy shall harmonize with legal and regulatory imperatives, taking into account the mandates arising from contracts and the responsibilities or dependencies incumbent upon third parties.

Our organization is actively instituting control mechanisms requisite for the realization of information security initiatives. Initiatives have been undertaken to determine control objectives, execute controls, and ensure their sustained efficacy. This approach is underpinned by a risk management framework and a risk control structure that governs the implementation of controls.

Particularly relevant to endeavors soliciting external resources, our organization, which is engaged in such undertakings, assumes the onus of guaranteeing the uncompromised utilization of information—regardless of the intent—by third parties. The stringent necessity to conform to legal statutes and pertinent regulatory provisions within the confines of the sector of operation of the institution or entity, as stipulated by contractual agreements, resonates as a foundational prerequisite.

In the pursuit of fulfilling these mandates, a two-pronged strategy will be executed—encompassing both hardware and software adjustments, and the comprehensive enrichment of our personnel's awareness, understanding, implementation, and developmental competencies through rigorous training and exercises.

Furthermore, an ancillary facet of information security resides in the safeguarding of business continuity. In light of this, requisite backup structures will be deployed to mitigate the prospect of disruptions and discontinuities within the domains for which our organization bears responsibility, across diverse business continuity frameworks.

In the interest of fortifying our information security policy, the Information Security Management System (ISMS) documentation has been established, encompassing:

The stipulated compliance criteria

Defined processes

Prescribed procedures

Implemented controls