Manage Your Infrastructure with Scalability and Flexibility

Many companies can opt for structures like IaaS to reduce costs and achieve ease of management. With IaaS, you can acquire virtualization, server, storage, and network requirements that incur significant costs in your infrastructure, freeing you from the management and cost of these infrastructures.

What are the Advantages of Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS?

With the IaaS service from Mayasoft group company OneCloud, you'll be relieved of all necessary processes for managing, updating, and maintaining the virtualization, server, storage, and network layers in your infrastructure, ensuring their 24/7 availability. You'll have an infrastructure of the size you need and won't pay for resources you don't use. This provides your company with cost advantages while relieving you from operational burdens, allowing you to allocate time to projects that can add value to your company.

Operational Workload

You'll be relieved of the operational workload created by infrastructure management.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Management and Monitoring

With our 24/7 monitoring team, your entire system is constantly watched over.

Human Resource Cost

You'll be free from the human resources required for infrastructure management and the cost of the 7x24 team.

International Standards and Best Practices

You will have an infrastructure that is managed in compliance with ITIL best practices.


What Values Does It Bring to Companies?

  • You can be sure that your infrastructure on OneCloud is operational.
  • With continuously monitored infrastructure, you won't experience data loss or interruptions. Non-existent interruptions ensure business continuity, and prevent damage to reputation, customer satisfaction, and productivity loss, contributing to your company's growth.
  • You won't experience time loss due to the workload created by the management of your IT infrastructure and can focus on your value-added tasks.
  • You will have access to all kinds of reports and analyses regarding your systems. With this data, you can perform necessary updates when required.

How can we help you?

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