Procure All the Products You Need in Your System Infrastructure!

Keeping up with the ever-evolving and changing technology, and staying constantly up-to-date, can be quite challenging and costly. While IT departments of companies carry out their daily tasks, they often struggle to simultaneously keep up with new technologies, new products, and the advantages these products can bring. In this regard, the support and knowledge transfer from technology partners play a key role.

What are the Advantages of Mayasoft's On-prem Service?

Mayasoft's On-prem service provides companies with the necessary system infrastructure solutions for their IT departments, data storage solutions, backup solutions, Microsoft licensing, and 365 solutions, virtualization solutions, corporate training, and all consultancy and professional services related to IT infrastructure. It offers support to customers in all these areas.

End-to-End Service

Products and consultancy needed in all layers of IT technologies are provided.

Expert Team

With Mayasoft's expert team, you'll have access to the most accurate solutions at the most suitable costs.

International Standards and Best Practices

With the support of Mayasoft's expert engineers, you'll have an IT infrastructure designed according to international standards.

Current Technologies

Mayasoft's wide team of expert engineers, who are specialized in their fields, consistently follow and receive training on current technologies. As a result, all infrastructure designs and consultancy are conducted in alignment with up-to-date technologies.


What Values Does It Bring to Companies?

  • With an up-to-date infrastructure, you won't experience data loss or interruptions. The absence of interruptions ensures business continuity, prevents reputation loss, customer and labor loss, and ultimately benefits your company's growth.
  • You'll have an infrastructure established according to international standards and best practices.
  • Thanks to the ease and benefits brought by current technologies, you'll minimize your time and cost.
  • You can receive end-to-end support for all your systems from a single business partner. This enables you to save time and costs and focus on your core business.

How can we help you?

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