HPE Superdome X: x86-based mission-critical Platform

HPE Superdome X: x86-based mission-critical Platform
Tarih: 24/03/2016

HPE Superdome X: x86-based mission-critical Platform

HPE Superdome X servers appear as an x86-based HPE server system that stands out with business-critical architecture features that you can use to consolidate all layers of critical applications on a common platform. . Developed on the basis of Superdome 2 reliability, HPE Superdome X has a modular structure and blade design. It provides the efficiency brought by the common server management infrastructure of HPE Blade systems. HPE Superdome X has made it possible to use the flexibility of x86 architecture with innovative improvements that bring business critical qualities such as fault-tolerant Crossbar Fabric, Error Analysis Engine, and physical partitioning of servers.


HPE Superdome X stands out with its pluggable architecture, while providing flexibility with HPE nPAR technology and business critical functionality with its RAS features.

·        Intel® Xeon® Up to 16 processors can be added using Processor E7 v3 and E7 v2 family processors.

·        With 384 DIMM slots, it can provide up to 24 TB of RAM capacity

·        With 16 FlexLOM slots (2 on each blade), it offers LAN access with the flexibility to configure it on the motherboard

·        Provides 24 Mezz PCIe gen3 slots to provide maximum IO bandwidth for LAN, SAN and InfiniBand.

·        Shared DVD is built in.

·        Offers HPE nPAR technology for licensing optimization and great system security

·        In order to minimize human error, it has the ability to self-heal with the Error Analysis Engine.